Afterword. Ukraine in the world religious space

  • Liudmyla O. Fylypovych


It has been 17 years since Ukraine has been in the world religious space, but it is hardly aware of its presence there, and the world community does not notice that this space has been enriched by another country and spiritual tradition.

Thanks to Ukraine, the world religious space has increased territorially by 603.7 thousand km², which is 5.7% of European and 0.44% of world land area. This geographical area is inhabited by nearly 50 million, of which more than 30 million are believers. Ukraine, accounting for 0.7% of the population (46 million of 6.6 billion), has respectively 0.5% of believers in the world's total population.

Such territorial and human quantitative growth is not too noticeable for the world. But this territory and human resources have long been present in the history of mankind. The spiritual weight of the Ukrainian religious experience requires verbalization both for the Ukrainians themselves and for other peoples who inhabit a certain local and global religious space.