New religious currents and cults in modern Ukraine

  • Mykhailo Babiy
  • O. Karagodina
  • Anatolii M. Kolodnyi
  • Petro Kosuha
  • Liudmyla O. Fylypovych


In the context of modern world religious processes, in recent years Ukraine has become a field of active attention from various non-traditional and up-to-date religious movements. According to the State Committee of Ukraine for Religious Affairs, as of January 1, 1995, there were registered 147 non-Christian communities, 52 communities of Orientalist orientation, 23 communities of the Russian Federation, etc., registered in Ukraine. And although in the confessional environment of Ukraine, the fate of such currents is negligible (3%), but their activities can not be ignored in state-church policy in solving the tasks of building a democratic society.