Ukrainian Religious Missionary Mission in its Research Interpretations

  • Vitaliy Volodymyrovych Shevchenko


It is well known that all peoples, without exception, have for centuries formed their own ideas about the world, the cosmos, man, his otherworldly and other dimensions. Associated with factors of different vital values, they accumulate the energy of an ethno-national spirit, attest to the reflections of an individual, as well as the tribe, nation, nation over the ideal aspirations that are usually united around consecrated, close and native ethnic groups. On the other hand, being a subject of admiration and reflection, holiness and inspiration, sacred importance inevitably influences the formation of the culture and art of a particular ethnic group, its life and behavior, aptitude and character, and thus determine the originality of its thinking, worldview and experience. To put it another way, for centuries and still largely, despite the loss of the world of theocentricity as a determining factor in civilizational development, religious imperatives acted and acted as the axis of history, one of the fundamental principles with which humanity binds the past and now comprehends the future. "Every nation," Gustave LeBon notes in his work, "Psychology of Nations and Masses," has a mental structure as stable as its anatomical features, and it is from him that his feelings, his thoughts, his institutions, his beliefs and his art »