Union Initiatives in the Life of Orthodox Church in the Rzeczpospolita at start of Counter-Reformation, Their Motivational Subtext and Public Perception


  • Vitaliy Volodymyrovych Shevchenko




The Council of Trent of 1545-1563, which, incidentally, was not only long lasting but also difficult to convene, reflected a completely unstable general Christian situation during a period of rapid reformation. It is known that its foundations amounted to 95 Luther abstracts, and the subsequent course of events necessitated the immediate convening of the Ecumenical Council. Pope Clement VII (1523-1534) made real attempts to do so, but did not reach the goal as a result of the war. Bulla of June 12, 1536, his successor Pope Paul III also ordered the convening of the Ecumenical Forum of Christians in May 1537, but, as in the first case, there was a war again in the event of its holding. For the same reason, the cathedral did not gather in November 1542. Only in March 1545 the cathedral was convened, and in December of the same year - officially opened in Trident.