Expert activity of Ukrainian religious scholars: methodological principles and acquired experience


  • Liudmyla O. Fylypovych



Ukrainian religious studies, their expert work, aimed at the theoretical assessment of the existing religious phenomena, their functioning and development prospects, is regarded as part of practical religious studies - a new branch of religious studies, which emerged relatively recently and among disciplinary entities occupies a special place in it. Defining the object of practical religious studies is the functioning religion, its founder A.M.Kolodnyi noted: "In today's conditions of development of human society in its civilizational dimensions, diversity and specificity (especially in the plane of the contemporary global impact of globalization) is important in its theoretical and practical significance. there is a problem of the place, role and functions of religion in the specified processes. She was extremely featured today, in particular in religious studies, in the sociological and practical dimensions of the latter. It is an essential reflection, a description of modern manifestations of the functionality of religion in the context of interaction with society, with its various spheres and man. That is, in this aspect, attention is concentrated on the practical coordinates of this interaction, on the social and functional parameters of the existence of the religious complex (in their confessional reading), on the levels, degrees and consequences of the influence of religion on society, on the components of its architectonics, and most importantly - on the person, its behavior, her spiritual and life-sense self-realization "





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