About the Journal

It is a Research Religious Studies Journal, guided by the principles of open access. Our goal is to actualize the rights and freedoms in the sphere of social life of religion, to highlight the history of establishing and available forms of freedom of conscience and belief, to monitor the current state of freedom of religion in the international and Ukrainian context, to summarize the experience of academic substantiation of state-church and tolerant inter-denominational relations, tо arrange of effective interreligious dialogue, to distribute the ideas of inter-faith understanding and interaction in the public consciousness through the media and education on the basis of familiarizing readers with relevant domestic and international legal and religious documents.

Our main priority is to ensure the objectivity and interdisciplinarity of the study of the interaction of religion and society, the state and the Church (religious organizations), the conditions and forms of tolerant communication of various religious and spiritual traditions, to identify violations in the religious sphere, in particular, in relations between the state and religious organizations, to protect the rights of believers and unbelievers.

The journal is open to discussions by representatives of various research schools from all countries in many languages, who are deepened in a wide range of issues of freedom of conscience and religion. Wide translations of texts, documents on issues of freedom of conscience are welcomed in order to effectively exchange the theoretical and practical findings of researchers and practitioners in the field of social-religious relations from around the world.