Tolerance of inter-confessional relations: state, problems and perspectives


  • Valeriy Klymov



Problems of interreligious relations at all levels - from interchurch to personal - accompanied religious communities throughout the history of their existence, gaining for various reasons the severity and urgency of the solution in some periods, and entering the channel of calm, everyday and business coexistence, into other . At one point in history, the antagonism of relations between religions and their representatives has repeatedly become the reason for the violent conversion of other peoples to their faith, the religious wars of several decades, large-scale manifestations of fanaticism, crusades, persecution of Jews, religious terrorism, etc.; in other historical secrets (no matter how short they were), tolerant relations between carriers of different confessions in multi-confessional societies created conditions for a coordinated solution of national problems, contributed to political understanding, mutually enriching coexistence of ethno-religious communities, ensuring the stability of societies and states