Principle of religious freedom: basic normative elements


  • Ed Braun



The idea of ​​human rights is based on the premise that all people are free, have inherent dignity and value, and attitude towards them requires justice and equality. This is important for promoting peaceful coexistence between people and societies. An integral and important part of modern human rights is the concept of religious freedom. Since everything in the world is becoming more and more interconnected, and meetings of various religions and worldviews are becoming more and more important, the principles of religious freedom are challenged. In my report, I will: 1) consider the principle of religious freedom: what it means, where it came from and what some of the most important modern documents on religious freedom and 2) agree with a few thoughts and comments. My starting point is that modern human rights include many religions and state neutrality in relation to religious and non-religious attitudes. I contend that these two elements, along with the right to change religion, are the most challenging.