Social well-being of converted Muslims in different countries of the world


  • Olga Maksymenko



The tendency to intensify Islamophobia in its various manifestations, from the hostile attitude towards the Muslims to open acts of aggression and calls for hatred and violence against the representatives of this religion - unfortunately, has recently been observed in many countries of the world. Some factors contribute to this: firstly, the inspiration by some unscrupulous media of identifying Muslims with terrorists and extremists, a new wave of fear, caused by reports of numerous crimes by militants of the self-proclaimed "Islamic State" (whose activities generally contradict the spirit of Islam as a peaceful and humanistic religion that recognizes human life of the highest value and equates the killing of one person to the murder of all mankind) and recent attacks with a large number of human victims (in particular, in France and Belgium); and secondly, the reluctance of ordinary people to see in their environment those who differ from them (rejection of "someone else", due to the imaginary division of the world into "we" and "they"). Bearers of another culture are perceived as a threat of violations of the usual way of life, changes in the established system of values. Hence, the sharply negative attitude towards refugees from Syria and other Islamic countries.