Image of "other" and "stranger" in the media space of Ukraine (for example, in the media coverage of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


  • Alla Boyko



The multifunctionality enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine and the tolerance of various religious groups that prevail in the Ukrainian society allow each citizen to find his way to God and publicly reveal his own worldview and worldview, including in the media. Therefore, in our society there should be an interest in different denominations and religious movements that are represented in the media space of the state. Some confessions, namely, the UOC-KP, UkhC, UOC-MP, Muslims, Jews, Protestant churches, are to some extent justified. But in Ukraine there are many religious organizations, around which there is a so-called information blockade, to a certain extent artificial. That is, some religious organizations operate outside the media, or information in the media about their activities is not sufficient, which often leads to various fabrications, speculation, which become the basis for stereotyped perception of a phenomenon.