Philosophy of Christian conservatism of European thinkers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. in the context of the formation of a modern Christ-centered personality and society


  • Pavlo Yamchuk



In modern Ukrainian reality languages ​​in a drop of water, and often - it is not a drop of water, but of living human blood, reflect those processes that threaten the existence of all mankind. But - history loves paradoxes - reflected also those processes that humanity can save. The idea of ​​a world-known Ukrainian-Polish christo-traditions of philosophizing, Russian, according to the language of works, of the writer F. M. Dostoyevsky, about the "world's sensitivity" to Ukrainians is directly, obviously, as described by him as a Christo-successional, Christ-centric, Sophian Ukrainian being, which had previously remained in the shadow of the empires and their global ambitions and appetites, tragically emerging from the forefront of world history in 2014, clearly demonstrated the true avant-garde of Ukrainians in quiet, non-aggressive advocacy rystyyanskoyi truth.