Pluralization of religions as a consequence of the differentiation of society in utopias and reality


  • Vita Volodymyrivna Tytarenko



The image of the future of religions is interesting to us not only and not so much that to a certain extent presupposes or directs the future, but also that it characterizes the religious present in which it functions, in close connection with the existing society. Situational versus general change of emphasis in the forms of existence and / or functionality of religion is the result of interaction with society, its various spheres and man. The formation of the newest religious needs, due to which the functionality of religion manifests itself, is a factor in the emergence of various quasi-religious and paranute teachings, coumaromania - as components of mass social mythology. Instead of "traditionally new" religious education, there are even more recent (or ultra-new), such as the Church of Copimizma, Pastafarian, Jedi, various manifestations of quasi-religions, etc.).