Religious Minorities of Ukraine in Socio-Cultural and Legal Aspects


  • Mariana Tatarchuk



With the tendency towards the increasing globalization of the world from the 1970s-1980s to multiculturalism and pluralism in all its manifestations, it is not surprising that religious, ethnic, national, linguistic and other contradictions and conflicts arise between representatives of certain social groups Religious and national contradictions are the most characteristic and become the most acute forms of resolution in polyethnic and polyconfessional countries in the case of belonging of the majority of the population to one national, religious and other group, while the rest form a minority according to one or another criterion. Increasingly, you can hear about political, economic, and cultural pressure on representatives of different social groups that are not so-called "majority". Therefore, there is a need to protect the rights of individuals to freedom of conscience, freedom of expression in various aspects of life, including freedom of religion, freedom of action of religious communities and organizations, including religious minorities.