Religion as a factor for the preservation and translation of national and spiritual traditions


  • Olena Maskevych



In a situation where there was an urgent need to revive the solidarity of the split Ukrainian society, its unity that can not be achieved without the generally accepted goals, spiritual and moral values, it is interesting to turn to religion as a universal spiritual phenomenon of society and as a factor that has influenced the preservation of Ukrainian the nation, its traditions and moral guidelines. Analyzing the traditions of domestic understanding of religion as the spiritual basis of national existence, Professor L. Filippovich notes: "All history and modern life of Ukraine demonstrate the decisiveness of the very ethnic and religious factors in its existence. That is why the theme "religious and national" has always been a priority in the process of identifying a Ukrainian and a Ukrainian nation ". According to many modern Ukrainian scholars, Ukraine today, as never before, needs to self-identify itself not only within the limits of a purely territorial nature, but above all to mark itself in the space of other states as a separate nation.