Reconciliation of the propositional and proper value of freedom as a task of domestic religious studies


  • Oksana Gorkusha



Domestic academic religious studies, first introduced by the Department of Religious Studies at the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, has been systematically engaged in theoretical reflection and constant analysis of empirical data on the functioning of religion in the history and present of Ukraine in various spheres of social reality for the last 25 years. Modern Ukraine, as a transit society, which is in the process of establishing a new socio-political form of reality with its special form of social consciousness, social system, legal and political system, economics and their corresponding provision with proper traditions, ideological models and norms of behavior, certainly needs adequate systematic analysis of the existing socio-ideological situation with the subsequent allocation of key factors in shaping its future and taking into account the dangers and risks that the watchman have been prevented if these favorable factors that effectively influence the health of society and strengthening of Ukraine as a state - a worthy subject of global politics.