The phenomenon of freedom in terms of the specificity of national spirituality


  • Richard Gorban



In November 2013, before the Maidan, the decisive intent of which was the defense of human and national dignity, Professor A. Kolodnyi expressed the opinion that the leaders and leaders of the Ukrainian people did not always have the knowledge and historical vision of the ways of targeting the state's independence of the nation. In this context, the Ukrainian religious scholar noted: "The history of the philosophy of a particular people is not yet the history of the philosophical systems created by its thinking represents. Such a history of Ukrainian philosophy should still be explored, written. This requires the development of special techniques, a deep knowledge of the specificity of national spirituality. " So on the eve of the Ukrainian-Russian war, in which the independence of our state fights today, the task of Ukrainian scientists was to find new approaches to the construction of an adequate scientific picture of the development of philosophical thought in Ukraine. It is clear that such a picture is a strategic factor in state-building, since it should influence the formation of a national idea and state ideology and promote the education of the Ukrainian elite.