Mieczyslaw Mokszycki is a mirror of Polish chauvinism in Ukraine


  • Pavlo Pavlenko




In an interview with the Polish weekly "Niedziela" (21/2017), the Lviv Archbishop-Metropolitan of the Roman Catholic Church, Mieczyslaw Mokszycki, noticed that the sin of "genocide of the Poles" lies with the Ukrainian people and until he (the people) is cleansed of this sin - he does not admit his guilt before the Polish people, he will not have a blessing and peace will not come.77 Bishop, linking together the "sin of genocide" and the war on the Donbass, thus seeks to prove that this war is a consequence of the unacknowledged Ukrainians blame for the Poles for the Volyn tragedy 1943 ( or, as it is called in Poland, the Volyn distinction), and therefore its (the war in the East) should be considered primarily metaphysically - as God's knowledge, as a punishment of the entire Ukrainian people for this blame, besides the clergyman, and stipulates that "God is not God , which punishes its people ".