Implementation of value-regulatory functions by modern religious organizations of Ukraine in the conditions of religious and worldview freedom


  • Olga Nedavnya



Among the range of functions performed by modern religious organizations in the world and in Ukraine, in particular, there are both relatively traditional and relatively new, with at least some of the first ones being re-updated. These can include a value-controlling function. In the situation of the "hybrid war" in Ukraine, before many of its inhabitants (directly or through the mediation of relatives), dramatic, and even tragic questions of life and death, their meaning, the orientation between the Earth and the sky, between neighbors, between those or other decisions that need to be made quickly in matters of material, but the consequences of which can then be long-term boomerang yatrit conscience. Whichever system of value coordinates is based on this, then everyone has to choose himself. Under the conditions of religious and ideological freedom, the Church and religious organizations no longer have the role of "legislators" in such a choice, but in essence they are virtually the only institutions that offer appropriate guidance and advice.