Christian in search of freedom: history and present


  • Tetiana Gavryliuk



Being as it is - the eternal request of the human spirit. Responding to this request, humanity has formed a number of ideological paradigms that acquire new shades according to a certain era in the range between idealism and materialism, given about two and a half thousand years ago. The problem of interpreting the surrounding reality only appears, at first glance, as something of a minority for an ordinary citizen, as the prerogative of the mysterious philosophy inherent in individuals. At the same time, understanding and interpretation of being is the core of personality, since it is an expression of a human's outlook. As you know, the prevailing outlook determines the attitude of man to the world and to himself. He asks a certain direction as self-development of the individual, and its implementation in society. Humanity has won the right to free choice and free affirmation of philosophical paradigms step by step in recent centuries and often in a rigid controversy with Church Christian fundamentalism. Freedom in Christianity is a key characteristic of the theological understanding of man, since it is one of the fundamental components of understanding the image of God in man.