Orthodox religion and state ideology in modern ukrainian realities


  • Vasyl Popovych Національний університет "Запорізька політехніка"
  • Volodymyr Taran




state, religion, ideology, Tomos, Orthodox Church of Ukraine, hybrid war


The article examines the relationship between the state and religion, the formation and implementation principles of the state's domestic and foreign policy foundations. The Moscow Patriarchate influence on political, social and religious processes in Ukraine, in particular, after the signing of the Tomos, is investigated. It is substantiated that in the ideological system of the modern Russian Federation, Russian Orthodoxy fulfills the fundamental ideas of the new doctrine: the idea of the Third Rome; the idea of "Holy Russia"; the idea of continuity and succession of Kievan Rus. It is noted that the Tomos opened new opportunities for modernizing Orthodoxy in Ukraine by making adjustments to the religious picture of the world, rethinking the problem of the relationship between faith and knowledge, science and religion, including through the inclusion of scientific potential and terminology in theological argumentation; the formation of a different approach to the problem of personal value orientations, taking into account current trends.


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