Problematic aspects interdenominational and state-denominational relations in the socio-political situation in Ukraine


  • Vita Tytarenko +380971510950
  • Liudmyla O. Fylypovych Institute of Philosophy named after G. M. Skovoroda, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine



religion, politics, church, identity, social risks, religious freedom, state-confessional relations, interdenominational relations, religious situation, socio-political situation


This article examines the socio-political situation in Ukraine in its interconfessional and state-confessional aspects and problems.

The article substantiates the connection between the socio-political situation and security in Ukraine, analyze the effects of Russian aggression, particularly in the humanitarian sphere, where religion becomes an element of hybrid warfare. The religious component is manifested in the desire of the aggressor country to keep Ukraine in the orbit of its interests, making it part of the "Russian world".

The authors identify and substantiate the external and internal risks that hold the potential to change the vector of movement of the religious situation in the country, determine its nature, structure, functioning  and so on.

On the basis of wide statistical material presented by the sociological service of the Oleksandr Razumkov Center, the changes in social and religious consciousness were investigated, its dependence on the influence of the military conflict in the East of Ukraine and annexation of the Crimea were analyzed, the changes in the attitude of the religious community. Modern Church-confessional changes are characterized by a decrease in the authority of the UOC (MP) and the number of its believers. Therefore, the technologies of the UOC (MP) (more precisely the ROCinU), which hinder the transition of the UOC (MP) communities to the OCU and the destabilization of inter-denominational and state-denominational relations, are studied.

Investigating the search / constitution / restoration of the identity of Ukrainian churches in modern conditions, the authors highlight the phenomena of a global nature and internal factors, under the influence of which a gradual "crystallization" of this identity takes place.

In the context of the general paradigm of religious freedom within which the research is conducted, objective prerequisites have been established that should provide the country with the standards of religious freedom and religion that are necessary for a democratic state (real religious pluralism, traditionally tolerant attitude of Ukrainians from representatives of different denominations, in the collective Ukrainian identity) and the risks involved in the exercise of religious freedom.


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