Features of polyconfessional situation in Ukraine


  • Larysa Vladychenko Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
  • Olga Gold Одеський Національний університет імені І.І. Мечникова




multiconfessionalit, state, religious organizations, sociological survey, religiosity, religious network, Ukraine


The article analyzes the origins and the current state of the multi-confessional context in Ukraine, examines the problems and prospects of its development, and relates the features of the multi-confessional country with the state of historical and social conditions and characteristics.

The authors clarify the main concept of "multiconfessionality", based on the definitions provided by modern studies. The authors use practical examples of the presence of multiconfessionality in Ukrainian society, which is created by the historical state of socio-political context in the country.

       Based on the analysis of the plane of multiconfessionality of Ukrainian society, where the system of religious diversity forms special values, it leads to tolerance and political correctness, typical for European society.  Using the results of sociological surveys made by Razumkov Center, official statistics of the Ministry of Culture, Pew Research Center, Institute of Sociology of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Alexander Yaremenko Ukrainian Institute of Social Research, Center for Social Monitoring, SOCIS, etc., the authors illustrate materials that prove the values of modern Ukrainian society in terms of trends of development of religious environment in Ukraine.  

         The article analyzes current statistics on the number of religious institutions, development of institutional structures, and correlates the quantitative indicators of the proportion of the population that declares their religiosity. The article outlines the consolidation of religious organizations through membership in inter-religious, inter-denominational associations and their participation in the social sphere. Our paper mentions specific features of multiconfessionality in Ukraine.

         All hypothesis are confirmed in the main lines of correlation of the concepts of "state-church", "inter-religious relations", "trust to the church", "trust in state institutions". Conclusions are drawing attention to the problems of the modern development of the religious environment and the consolidation of Ukrainian society.

Author Biographies

Larysa Vladychenko, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine

Vladychenko Larysa Dmytrivma

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor

Ministry of Culture of Ukraine    

Deputy Director of the Department for Religions and Nationalities, Head of the Department of Religious and Analytical Work  

+38063 482 83 28


Kyiv, Prorizna str., 15

Religious Studies, relations between the state and religious organizations, interreligious/interfaith relations, sociology of religion

Olga Gold, Одеський Національний університет імені І.І. Мечникова

Gold Olga Felixivna


Odesa I.I. Mechnikov University

Odesa pedagogical college

Researcher, lecturer



Odesa, Italian boulevard, 5

Religious Studies, culturology, sociology of religion


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