Muslim organizations in the context of state-confessional and inter-confessional relations in Ukraine


  • Larysa Vladychenko Department for Religions and Nationalities, Head of the Department of Religious and Analytical Work Ministry of Culture of Ukraine



islam, muslim organisations, stete-church relations, interfaith relations


The article highlights the pressing issues of the presence of Muslim organizations in the religious field of Ukraine: simplification of the registration procedure of the statutes of religious organizations and their acquisition of the status of a legal entity; restitutionary issues (returning religious buildings to religious organizations); creation of institutional structures of military chaplaincy within the structures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine objective attitude to religious organizations and tolerant interfaith discourse; cooperation in the social sphere with religious organizations; photographing on documents to representatives of religious organizations; organizational issues related to Hajj; securing the right to religious freedom in the annexed and occupied territories of Ukraine. On the basis of a detailed analysis of the statistics of religious organizations and the annual survey materials of the Razumkov Center, it is concluded that generally favorable conditions for all citizens in the right to profess their religion, in the protection of this right by the legislation of Ukraine, the activity of relevant state authorities. Muslims and their religious organizations enjoy the same freedoms and rights, which need to be more actively involved in resolving topical and problematic issues in relations between the state and religious organizations.


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