Relationship between islam and family traditions in Kyrgyzstan


  • Kanatbek Murzahalilov Research Institute of Islamic Studies, Bishkek



Kyrgyzstan, family life, religious organizations, islam, traditions, family, values, Muslim community, social institutions, parents, conflict, analyst, marriage, unemployment, radicalization


This article  shows the role of the religious communities to preserve family values from the perspective of the religious situation in Kyrgyzstan. It also analyses issues that can serve as factors to destroy an existing balance of traditional values of the population under certain conditions. The article describes the role of the religion in the lives of people who follow islam.

Another part of the article analyses how Islamic traditions combined with pre-islamic traditions influence on the whole life and view of life of the 90 percent of the population who regard themselves as Muslim.


In conclusion, the author provides recommendations on how to use capacity and resources of islam for spiritual revival among the population of Kyrgyzstan.


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