Social service of churches and confessions in the field of preservation of individual and public health of modern ukrainians


  • Nataliia Kulish Хмельницький університет управління та права



Abstract. The article is devoted to the study of the phenomenon of social service of churches and denominations in the field of preserving the individual and public health of modern Ukrainians. It is noted that the inclusion of religious organizations in the sphere of social reality begins with its understanding at the theoretical and theological level. It is stated that in the Ukrainian context inter-confessional cooperation is carried out in this field, the state-confessional partnership is fruitful. The range of such activity, spheres, types, formats of its realization are shown. The range of target groups to which it is directed is analyzed. Examples of successful formats of social service implementation are given, in particular, medical missionary service, charitable missions and charitable foundations. It is stated that in carrying out social service, churches and religious organizations try to cover as wide a range of issues as possible, to introduce them into the legal field of the state, in order to improve the quality of life of people. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the active inclusion of the religious community in the social sphere, implies its response to new challenges of moral, ethical and medical orientation. The inclusion of churches and denominations in the context of activities aimed at understanding the value of a healthy lifestyle, sports is shown. Examples of successful formats of social service implementation in this direction are given. Trends and prospects for further research are identified.


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