Review of the monograph by Anna Kulagina-Stadnichenko "The phenomenon of individual beligion of the Orthodox Believer"


  • Tetiana Havryliuk National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit



Anna Kulagina-Stadnichenko; religious consciousness; religious psychology; religious practice; individual religiosity., Anna Kulagina-Stadnichenko, religious consciousness, religious psychology, religious practice, individual religiosity


The review analyzes the key statements of the study by Anna Kulagina-Stadnichenko "The phenomenon of individual religiosity of the Orthodox believer". The problems raised in the monograph focus on the research of the influence of Orthodoxy onto the world view (religious consciousness), world perception and sensation (religious psychology), world attitude, formation of religious behavior and social activity (religious practice), the subject of Orthodox faith. Through the analysis of the works of psychologists, religion scholars, theologians and sociologists, the author managed to discover wide variety of factors that go far beyond the purely religious sphere but have rather strong impact on the formation of individual religiosity. The abovementioned points to the author's holistic approach to the analysis of the phenomenon of man, in which none of the spheres of their existence can be understood without tight connection to the other spheres. Therefore, the formation of individual religiosity possesses psychological, social, cultural and even economic nature, what has been successfully demonstrated by the author.


Kulagina-Stadnichenko Anna Mikhailovna. The phenomenon of individual religiosity of the Orthodox believer. Monograph / Anna Kulagina-Stadnichenko. - K .: Interservice, 2019. - 322 p.





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