Big change: what to do and where to start?


  • L. Guzenko



Perhaps the time has come in Ukraine, when “pedagogy, which puts a person at the center of everything, is now hopelessly outdated” (A. Kordier). Perhaps it’s time to help schools enter the three-dimensional world where God rules all things and where He defines “me”, “you”, “us”, “them.” The President sent to us by God set the goal to make a change in the philosophy of the school in Ukraine. It turns out, V.A Yushchenko. has in his heart to set another goal for Ukrainian education: to give our students the knowledge necessary for eternity. Will the realization of this goal become a big change, deep and thorough? It depends on us - practical teachers, methodologists, theorists, experimenters, academics and officials, all whom God has called to serve in the field of education, "to sow the rational, the good, the eternal."