The phenomenon of Ukrainian Christianity: between East and West


  • Olga Nedavnya



The election of the Russo-Ukrainian Christian path belongs to one of the most enviable events in Ukrainian history, which directly or indirectly programmed its further progress. Kievan Rus on the eve of the official introduction of Christianity was a powerful and respectable European state. The free country had a rich choice of priorities of geopolitical, economic, cultural orientation, the election of which was greatly influenced by the peculiarities of Ukrainian development. How exactly was this choice - it is necessary to investigate further, but what he brought to Ukraine - is now obvious. Today, when the Ukrainian state, with great losses and tensions, returns to its natural, European path, it is extremely important to analyze what contributed to the deviation from it. To do this, let us return to the first centuries of Ukrainian Christianity - the period of establishing long-term self-identification archetypes of Ukrainians and establishing their views on neighbors.