Lessons from the crisis of the Ukrainian church of the XVI century


  • Olga Nedavnya




Today, when Ukraine has entered the path of independence, on the way of joining the European community, it is worth scrutinizing self-critically, so that our course is not burdened and not confused with the burden of old mistakes and miscalculations. Ukrainian history appears as a story of a strict struggle of the nation for self-determination and existence in general. Can you imagine such a Ukrainian fate, spinning the early glorious pages of our writings? The New Christian Kievan Rus during the days of the princes of Volodymyr the Great and Yaroslav the Wise is a powerful and authoritative European country that was proud of its spiritual upsurge and earthly achievements. And now, after five centuries, it became a land without its own statehood, which was lagging behind in full-scale progress and was in deep church decay. The crisis of the Ukrainian church is like a trick and a key to many interconnected Ukrainian problems, was a subject of particular acuity concerns of her contemporaries and the subject of reflection of many generations of her researchers.