420th anniversary of the Brest Cathedral: controversy of ratings


  • Anatolii M. Kolodnyi




On October 6, 2016, the 420th anniversary of the Cathedral in Brest was celebrated, which determined the new status of the Ukrainian Church in the Christian world. This Cathedral finds various assessments in theological and secular publications. It seems that the Greek Catholic Church itself, which he instituted in a new way, is somehow ashamed of him as an unwittingly unanimous agreement with the Constantinople, but is it afraid to mention because of the existence of even his great Catholic brothers who are in an officially unofficial alliance with the Moscow-Orthodox Church, negative assessments of Uniticism. I recall that at the Christmas celebration in January 2016, in the welcoming speech of the Primate of the Church, the mention of the Brest Cathedral was not even mentioned. When I reminded him of this, the bishop somehow volunteered to mention the Vladimir baptism, about the Lviv pseudo-cathedral of 1946, but for some reason did not emphasize the significance of Brest.