Eternal life in religious memory


  • Anatolii  M. Kolodnyi



We are all mortal. A religious person finds comfort in this eternal life in faith in some eternal afterlife, strives to promote some supernatural forces and, through the mediation of clergy and various ritual activities, to receive it and continue there, in fiftaazed by it or derived from denominational teachings, in other words in complete bliss your immortality. The achievement of the saving mission of Jesus Christ in his religion is that he "died death overcame". Christianity thus emerged as a spiritual means of satisfying the desires of the faithful to immortality. However, in such immortality, they are taught only to believe, because in reality even the resurrection of Jesus Christ is not proven, moreover, and fifthasized, because in the Gospel of Matthew (Ch. 27-28) it is simply said about the abduction and transference of his body. For a Christian, if Jesus did not resurrect, then faith in him is useless.





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