Soteriological function of woman in national life of Ukrainian people


  • K.K. Nedzelsky



In the life of the Ukrainian people, women have always played an important role that went far beyond their motherly function - to give birth to children for the biological change of their generations. The Ukrainian woman in the full sense of the word acted as the guardian of her people, having a direct relation to the national self-identification of Ukrainians, because as a tutor of their children, they instilled in their souls positive psychological qualities for the community. Given the expressive religiosity and national character of the Ukrainian woman, one can speak of her soteriological function in the life of the Ukrainian nation, because, thanks to her religion and her native church, the Ukrainian people were able, despite the difficult trials of fate, to preserve themselves as a full-fledged ethnic group capable of creating social levels. being. But, of course, it is not religion itself that saves someone from any troubles, but people as subjects of religiosity, who properly do the will of God toward themselves and their loved ones.