The plurality of religious life in Ukraine

  • Anatolii M. Kolodnyi


Ukraine has been a religiously pluralistic country since its appearance on the world map. Already in its first power formation, the Kyivan Rus state coexisted in believing in their gods pagans of different tribes, an attempt to unite in one pantheon sought to execute (though unsuccessfully) Prince Vladimir in 982. In our own way, our people perceived their spiritual world and Christianity after being baptized by Prince Vladimir in 988. He combined this religion with paganism in his beliefs and thus became a two-man. Otherwise it could not be. Paganism is a religious picture of nature and human activity in it. Christianity is a religious picture of man in his relationship with other people and God. That is why, having come to our territories, Christianity, because of the lack of some specific nature of its nature, could not replace or supplant paganism. It baptized him. That is why we now have practically not pure Christianity in the beliefs of the people, but Christianized paganism and at the same time linguistic Christianity. This syncretism is one of the foundations of the religious pluralism that characterizes the spiritual world of our people.