Actual problems of the religious life of present Ukraine

  • Anatolii M. Kolodnyi


In the 15th anniversary of its independence, Ukraine joined the relatively largest religious network in the post-Soviet space. If in the Soviet years, we had officially registered 9 churches and religious movements, there are now more than 120 today. now we have about 34,000 of them. Earlier in the poll, only 5% of the respondents considered themselves believers. There are more than 70 of them now. The number of believers among young people, intellectuals, men and socially active sections of the population has increased. It can be said that religiosity in Ukraine has become widespread. Religion and its Representatives - Religious organizations are now an active contributor to spiritual rebirth. Their social status has grown. Public opinion is dominated by evaluations of religion as a defining element of spiritual culture, an integral component of personality spirituality.