Ukraine's Religious Thought: Its History and Present


  • Anatolii M. Kolodnyi



Ukrainian religious studies have their roots in the Kievan Rus era. First of all, The Tale of the Times, which describes the process of introducing Christianity in Ukraine-Russia, reveals the historical, psychological and ideological basis for Vladimir the Great's choice of faith for his people. Adoption of Christianity is a major worldview revolution in the spiritual life of Ukraine, which has included it in the context of world civilization. From a princely time, many religious thinkers have become a universal way of seeing, understanding and appreciating the world for many Ukrainian thinkers. The main purpose of their works is not the desire to create a certain holistic system of theological knowledge, but the desire to convey their personal religious -istic perception of the divine nature, harmony, beauty and perfection of God-created world. These are the "Teachings of Vladimir Monomakh", "The Word of Law and Grace" by Hilarion of Kiev, "The Life of Theodosius Pechersky" and even "The Word of Igor's Hike".