Editorial word

  • Anatolii M. Kolodnyi


This issue of Ukrainian Religious Studies (UR) is the first in 2019 to open a new page in the history of our professional publication. The complete digitization of all the UR numbers from 1996, which were published on the website of the National Library of Ukraine named after VI Khmelnytsky, was carried out. Vernadsky, located the journal on the new platform OpenJournalSestem, entered several scientometric databases responsible for global indexing of scientific publications (Google Scholar, Copernicus). We have updated the composition of the editorial board, which introduced world-renowned religious scholars. Changed our editorial policy, which is clearly written on their page. Now it has become more transparent and open: all articles to the SD will be submitted via the Internet and will be double-blind reviewed. In this way we are approaching the world standards for writing and publishing scientific articles.


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