Constituting of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as a factor in changing the cultural-civilizational paradigm of independent Ukraine.

Keywords: Cultural and civilizational space, Orthodox Church of Ukraine, constituting, UOC of Moscow Patriarchate, post-imperial syndrome


Summary. The article deals with the close link between the diminishing influence of the Moscow Patriarchate on social and political processes in Ukraine and the restoration of the Ukrainian cultural and civilizational space. Namely, the gradual deprivation of Orthodox believers of the post-imperial syndrome, including attitudes, perceptions, behavioral models, etc., associated with the stay of Ukrainians in the foreign-language and other people's (Asian) mentality and culture of the empire. It is noted that the receipt of the Tomos on recognition of autocephaly and the constitution of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) by Orthodox believers of Ukraine has a positive impact not only on the development of the OCU itself (increase in the level of theology, international and intra-Ukrainian inter-church communications, nationalization of both the cult and some Orthodox ceremonial forms, etc.), but also the level of patriotism, restoration and development of the Ukrainian-speaking environment, archetypal traditions, rituals, behavior models, etc. The conclusion is about the religious aspect of promoting Ukrainian development from the Asian to the European cultural and civilizational model.