Sources of religious syncretism of Christianity


  • Hanna Kulagina-Stadnichenko



Christianity - a phenomenon historically and territorially limited. This is an ideology inherent in a certain time and a separate territory. At the same time, for its time and territory, it became the norm and sign system: any thought was translated into the images of the Christian myth, in the traditional phraseology of the Holy Scripture and the works of the Fathers of the Church. Like other religions, Christianity tended to shift the terrestrial problems to unearthly spheres, but its specificity does not manifest itself in what it did, but in how it did it. In other words, it is not enough to say that Christianity is a religion with all the peculiarities of thinking, it is important to find out what exactly Christianity is distinguished among other religions. To clarify this we will proceed from the ratio of Christianity with the main ideological movements of late antiquity, the era of formation of the basic principles of Christian doctrine.