Celebration in Ukraine of the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ


  • Anatolii M. Kolodnyi




On the occasion of the anniversary celebrations in Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers established a special Organizing Committee, which was commissioned to head the Vice-Premier for Humanitarian Affairs. The work plan of the Organizing Committee is divided into six sections, in particular: "Public and religious events, charity and charity activities", "Informative and educational clarification, publishing and publishing work", "Scientific-organizational measures", etc. Ukrainian scholars-religious scholars will take part in organizing and conducting the cycle of conferences "Christianity: History and Present" on the basis of the Department of Religious Studies. It includes the conferences "Christianity and Ukraine" (November 1997), "Christianity and spirituality" (May 1998), "Christianity in the context of world history and culture" (May 1999) and "Christianity and modern social processes "(January 2000). On the basis of the Ostroh Academy an international conference on the education of youth on the principles of Christian morality will be held. The consequences of the work of the conferences will be reflected in the two-volume monograph "Christianity: History and Modernity". It is planned to complete the publication of the tenth volume "History of Religion in Ukraine", to publish the first volume of the three-volume "Ukrainian Religious Encyclopedia", the monograph "Christianity in the context of history and culture of Ukraine".





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