The Beginning of the Brest Unitarian Process in the Light of Modern Theological Reflections on Uniticism


  • Vitaliy Shevchenko



Surprisingly, the fact is that despite the well-studied sources of sources as well as the large number of studies devoted to the Union of Brest, this phenomenon of church-religious life of Ukraine at the end of the seventeenth century and is still perceived ambiguously. At the same time, the sharply negative attitude to this fateful event on the part of the Orthodox spheres was and remains predominant. Suffice it to recall that I. Franko's Brest union was "a fruit of betrayal of the people and father's faith, fatal for Russia, and for Poland as a result of Jesuit intrigues," but according to class-ideological approaches of Soviet times, was considered "the main form of Catholic expansion on Ukrainian lands » Contributions made by the recent scientists to the interpretation of this significant event, too, do not inspire particular optimism, causing misunderstandings, and with them a lot of questions of the most different property.