Brest Union in its prehistory and the beginnings of history


  • Yuriy Mulyk-Lutsyk



Among the first Orthodox hierarchs who bestowed the greatest benefit on the defense of the Ukrainian Church before the oppression of its Polish authorities (which further believed that the Orthodox Ukrainians and Belarusians were "bound by the Florentine Union") was Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia, Joseph II Soltan 62 (1507-1522) . But his successes in this matter could not have a look for the further purpose, because the fate of the Orthodox Church under the Catholic power of the kings of Poland, which at the same time was the rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, was predetermined by the Catholic interests of Poland. When the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (and with it all the Ukrainian and Byelorussian lands) was an act of the Union of Lublin Poland (1569) incorporated into the Polish state, the implementation of the plan for the abolition of the Orthodox Church in this Catholic state was already a matter of the near-time.