Certificate of the Holy Unity


  • Editorial board of the Journal




In the name of the triune God, we are gathered at the next Cathedral in Berenshit, in the church of St.. Mykodlaya, Mitropolit, and bishops of the Greek rite, proclaim to eternal memory: Seeing that the monotony of the Church of God in the gospel and the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ is based on one Peter, as if on a stone, so that the Church of Christ would stand firmly under the rule and leadership of his one, so that in one body there was one head, and in one house only one master and the bearer of God's favor, placed over the people of God, to care for the order and goodness of all, and because this order, which began from the Apostolic times, continued in the Divine Church continuously . Therefore, all the Eastern Patriarchs in the affairs of faith and in the reception of the spiritual authority, as well as in the episcopal courts and responses, have always been related to the successor of St. Peter, the Holy Pope, as is evident from the Ecumenical Councils and the rules of the Holy Fathers. This is satisfactorily proved by other Slavic letters, which have already been translated into Greek from ancient times, as well as by the holy Fathers of the Eastern Churches. They all recognize this holy throne of Peter, his privilege and his authority over bishops of the whole world.