"Emerging Theology" for "emerging Church"

  • Mychailo Cherenkov


I cordially congratulate the book of Roman Solovy, a colleague of religious scholars and like-minded people on theological workshop. The author comprehends the mutual influence of culture and the Church on the break of modern-postmodern-post-postmodern. Unfortunately, the last move fell out of the attention of the author, leaving a sense of incompleteness, not-really-topicality. If the researcher is only going to analyze what the theologians of the "emerging Church" are thinking about "the transition from the modern to the postmodern era," he is going to look for yesterday. After-Postmodernism does not appear in the text, nor as a constant concept, nor as a premonition. However, from the subsequent text, it becomes clear why and in what sense the author regards postmodern as a stage of modernism, that is, the continuation of the past, rather than a bridge to the future.