God save Ukraine

  • Stanislav Shyrokoradyuk


They are right all who would say nothing, all right. But the Church, whatever it does, will always be criticized. If it becomes very popular with all the protesters, it will go to the Maidan, it will fall under the hail of criticism from the authorities. He will not go away - she is also criticized with the words: "How is this, she became aloof when such problems are solved, is it not the church anyway, how people live, why it does not react to social problems, things that are happening - the lack of courts, the prosecutor's office , Raider attacks, how can the church silence "? We have to choose a middle ground here, we have to say something, support people because they are right, they have the right to defend themselves, this is a normal healthy reaction of free people who said: "No, we do not want to live like that". They need to be supported in this.