The ghost is wandering in Ukraine, the ghost of plagiarism… (review of Ya.Chernenky's textbook "Religious Studies: Theoretical and Practical Course")


  • Oleksandr V. Sarapin



In recent years many textbooks and manuals on religious studies have been published in Ukraine. However, one of them deserves special attention because of the frank and even brazen appropriation of the author by the author of the meaningful potential not only of national scholars but also of the classics of world religious studies. It is a textbook of Ya.Chernenko's "Religious Studies: A Theoretical and Practical Course", which was published in 2005 in the Kiev publishing house "Professional" with a circulation of 800 copies. I would like to point out that this guide was recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for higher education students (letter No. 14 / 18.2 - 2835 of December 28, 2004).





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