Secular and Theological Education: Interaction or Confrontation?


  • Vitaliy I. Docush
  • Ya. Poznyak



If we analyze our legislation in detail, we can see that there are so-called “legal scissors”. On the one hand, the law guarantees freedom by equalizing the rights of all citizens of the state (Article 24 of the Constitution), and on the other - leaves believers outside the legal field (Article 35 of the Constitution and Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious organizations ") declaring separation from the church. It should be noted that even the Law on Education does not guarantee the right to receive alternative (not secular) education for children of believers, regardless of their affiliation with a religious organization, in educational institutions. It should also be noted that even in the years of Ukraine's independence, the issue of granting theological education a proper status that would equate it to secular rights has not yet been resolved. Again, the principle is the separation of the school and the church. Here are some questions.