On the religious subject "Ethics of Faith" in Public Schools and the Consolidation of Christian Churches in Ukraine


  • Oleh Kyselov




The problem of religious education is not new to Ukrainian religious studies. The latter was raised in connection with the decree of the Minister of Education and Science on the introduction of the subject "Theology" in higher educational establishments of Ukraine. However, as is often the case in Ukraine, the decree remained only on paper. At the same time, the topic of religious education was discussed in various circles in the circles of religious scholars. Now they are discussing this again. And these discussions are of a different nature, since the desire of the President without serious public discussion was started by the Ministry of Education and Science: since September 1 this academic year the course "Ethics of Faith" has already been introduced in some public schools in Ukraine. Discussions and controversies are already heard in parallel with the decision made and can actually change only the content of the subject, but not the decision on its teaching. That is, it is still debatable that children should be taught in public schools, but the fact that if a new subject does not appear on September 1, there will be almost no doubt after the new year.