Problems of spirituality at the end of the 20th century. Ways of self-knowledge of a person in philosophy, religion, science, culture

  • Oleksandr N. Sagan


Gradually, in the working calendars of many religious scholars and philosophers, not only Ukraine, but also the United States, England, Greece, and others. countries "is a permanent record -" the beginning of September - Sevastopol ". Every year, at this time, the audience of the Sevastopol State Technical University hospitably open the door of the participant of the two above-mentioned international conferences. It did not become an exception in 1997, when, on September 9-10 and 11-13, respectively, more than three dozen very interesting reports and announcements were made, among which we will mention the speeches of A. Glushak (Sevastopol) on the theme "Crimea and the problems of spirituality: historical Excursion "by M. Nilsen (USA) -" Religion and Psychology at the Beginning of the New Millennium ", H.Vokala (Greece) -" Ensophia as New Wisdom for Man ", A. Kolodny (Kiev) -" 2000th Anniversary of the Nativity of Jesus Christ and the problem of the spiritual unity of Christians in Ukraine, "Y. Viga (Denmark) -" How many religions a person could have today, E. Boytsova (Se