Problems of humanization and Russian religious and philosophical thought

  • O. O. Romanovsky


In the twentieth century was made grandiose on its scale as an attempt to re-open the idea of ​​development, evolutionism adapted to man - the image and likeness of God, moreover, to influence the further development of man in accordance with the designed purpose - "common good", "the main benefit" (F. Dostoevsky ) Expected result was considered close and easily achievable, so obviously the dependence of "characteristics" from the natural and social environment seemed to be. There was a temptation to create some kind of supersonic "bloc of control" of society, which would "lead" not only a person who had many "disadvantages" but a new, "corrected" person better than the previous one. That is, the idea was to take over (of course, with the help of science) superhuman functions. In this program, three "inorganic" ideas (which are leaked in a world-view paradigm: part of the whole, which was typical of the New Age) organically joined: rationalism, reductionism, and evolutionism.