Etymological hermeneutics as a key to understanding and writing the text (for example, the legends of Sim, Hama and Japheth: Rev. 9: 18-27)

  • Petro Gusak


The article deals with etymological hermeneutics of proper names as method of determining of approximate dating of a text, as well as of its content and intention of its authors or editors. The author of the article illustrates this method on example of an etymological analysis of proper names of personnages of the legend about Shem, Ham and Japheth (Gen 9, 18-27), and draws the conclusion, that their etymology is Greek, therefore one needs to date this legend with Hellenistic periode, and it was created in order to give a legal basing for dwelling of Israel on the territories of conquered peoples of Canaan. At the same time, the author is ready to admit, that the Greek etymology of the mentioned proper names is secondary and derived, if the specialists in the brances of the Old Hebrew and the Old Testament Bible Science would prove, that a Semitic etymology of the mentioned proper names is more ancient, than the Greek one.


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